How to Make a Unicorn Drawstring Bag

Unicorns are mystical, magical white horses with pink, purple and gold features and if you want to know how to make a unicorn drawstring bag, you'll have to wander to a place far, far away from here...

That place is called... Granny Granland, Mommy Momland or even Auntie Auntland...


we all have something in common,

to spoil a little (or big) girl! 

Make a Unicorn Drawstring bag How to Make a Unicorn Drawstring Bag

The inspiration and pattern for this project, I got from a German website - Leni Pepunkt and her free e-book is available in the 'Freebies' section of her blog.  If you struggle to translate, click this link to take you directly to the reference page and click on the red link - 

"Hier >klick< findet ihr die Anleitung inklusive Schnittmuster als .pdf Datei und hier >klick< die Augen als Plotdatei (im .svg, .dxf und .pdf Format – Augengröße bitte anpassen – siehe Schnittmuster)."

Note:  I do not include the direct link to the pdf as it will not be fair to the original blogger if I directed you to her final product.

What you'll need:

Pattern (from Leni Pepunkt)

Cotton fabric (not too busy) for drawstring bag or rucksack (about half a meter).  

Gold fabric (Taffeta or silk) (20 cm x 20 cm)

Small amount of fill for the horn

Interfacing (25 cm x 15 cm) - I did not use interfacing as I stitched glitter foam on the outside of the ears.

Cord / Ribbon (3m if you are making the rucksack.  I braided T-shirt yarn for the drawstring bag)

T-shirt yarn for the hair


Heat transfer Iron on vinyl

Black Felt

Eyelash products for doll-making

Embroidery design from Artapli on Etsy (machine embroidery)

Embroidery floss (for hand embroidery)

Some of the links are affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if you make any purchase.  If you do, thank you so much!

How to make the Unicorn drawstring bag/rucksack

  • Cut the fabric from the pattern pieces as per the instructions.
  • Complete the eyes on the front piece of bag, whether you embroider, glue or iron it onto the fabric.
  • Create the ears - use interfacing to stiffen or add glitter foam like I did to the outside of the ears.
  • Make the horn, using the glitter gold fabric and fill.
  • Neaten your edges with a serger or pinky shears (of the round shape of the bag).
  • Make the incision to the top of the bag (as per the pattern). It is easier to fold a small hem first and then to fold over the rest of the top to create your drawstring channel. Stitch in place.
  • Pin the hair in place (according to your design) and stitch to fabric with a straight stitch.  I made my hair a lot shorter than the pattern's.  You can always trim it once you are done.
  • Make the drawstring channel of the back piece and add the horn as per the instructions.  I stitched the horn to the middle of the piece after I stitched the channel (so it is facing upwards - as per the top image above).
  • For the drawstring bag:  Stitch the front and back together, right sides facing.  Thread the ribbon, t-shirt braid or cord through the channels.
  • For the rucksack:  Thread the cord through the channels as per the instructions and then stitch the front and back pieces together, right sides facing.
  • Add fun elements such as pom-poms or trinkets!
Unicorn Drawstring bag IG How to Make a Unicorn Drawstring Bag

This is a quick and fun project to make!

I ended up using the drawstring bag as a gift bag to put my little darling, Chenè's presents in.

If you are braver than me, you can make smaller drawstring bags as party favors, filled with treats!

Whatever you do - enjoy it!  

It is your idea, your stash and your time...MAKE MAGIC!

Save landings from the Unicorn flight...


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