15 Free In the Hoop Designs (ITH)

You can grab free In the Hoop (ITH) machine embroidery designs if you just know where to look for them. In this post, I’ve listed 15 sites offering you Free Embroidery Designs (ITH).

ITH machine embroidery makes embroidering and finishing articles in a very professional manner, so much easier.  In fact, I am so spoiled, I’d rather do ith embroidery than just normally stitching out a design – I’ve said it. 

If you are not familiar with ITH (In-the-hoop) embroidery, it is in short, a machine embroidery design that allows you to complete a project in one or more hooping with little or no further sewing required.

It is such a privilege to share more of the world of machine embroidery with you, especially free designs!

I am totally addicted to ITH embroidery and really love the simplicity of the process.

This is a complimentary post to my previous extremely popular post – 15+ Sites that offer free Embroidery designs. Check it out!

Free In the Hoop Embroidery designs 1 15 Free In the Hoop Designs (ITH)


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Free In the hoop Embroidery Designs

Here follows some of the best In the hoop designs found on different sites:




Make yourself an in-the-hoop card holder for quick visits to the shop or to keep store cards together. I might think I am Queen Bee with this little crown!

ITH KraftexCardHolder 300px 15 Free In the Hoop Designs (ITH)

Creative appliques 

Don’t know about you, but I love adding appliques to my embroidery projects.  

And the appliques of Dawn at Creative Appliques are some of my favorites and are so well designed.

in the hoop earbuds cord wrap snaptab keychain embroidery applique design creative appliques 510x595 1 15 Free In the Hoop Designs (ITH)

Creative Machine Embroidery 

Lisa Archer offers a free Thumb drive (USB) pouch.  It will keep lipstick neatly in one’s handbag too!

In the hoop Thumb drive 15 Free In the Hoop Designs (ITH)

Cute Embroidery

Make the adorable in the hoop baby bib. If you do not have a bigger hoop than 5 x 7, embroider one for your little girl’s doll! Replace the flower with another design or monogram to personalise the bib even more.

ITH Baby Bib 15 Free In the Hoop Designs (ITH)



Crayon rolls are handy whenever you travel, go to church or even to give as a gift!  What a neat design offered for free.  

Crayon roll in the hoop 15 Free In the Hoop Designs (ITH)

Disorderly Threads

An Etsy shop that offers a direct downloadable design. Currently, it is a Zippered bag with an appliqued Sewing machine.

4x4SewingMachineZipperedBagSm 150x150 15 Free In the Hoop Designs (ITH)

Newfound Applique

Download the free ITH doll and dress from this site to keep little ones busy.  There are more collections available to purchase too. I played with my paper dolls until they lost their heads (literally), I guess these might only get dirty but should be a lot stronger than what we used as children!

Free ITH Doll 15 Free In the Hoop Designs (ITH)


Grab the Easter Towel Hanger from Smartneedle.  Free designs saved to your account will never expire!

Free Easter Towel Hanger 15 Free In the Hoop Designs (ITH)

The Bean Stitchers Facebook Group

If you join the Bean Stitchers Facebook group, you will receive access to a lot of free designs.  I am sharing the Minion Snapbean with you!  This is something the little (and big) men in our lives would love….

Minion Pic TheBeanStitch 15 Free In the Hoop Designs (ITH)


A gift card is always a clever idea if you do not know the receiver too well.  To put a very delicate touch to it, make the gift card holder.  Again, the apple can be replaced with a picture, word or monogram!

ITH Gift Card Holder 15 Free In the Hoop Designs (ITH)


Five Star Fonts

Join the FiveStarFonts Facebook page and get instant access to download a free tag with various messages – from “I’m proud of your” to “This is my bag”.



Sew Vac Outlet Blog

Make personalised coasters with this free design or use the design as a patch.  If you scroll to the bottom of the page you will also note a link to a free square coaster design.

ITH Coasters 15 Free In the Hoop Designs (ITH)



On the Stickbaer blog, there are freebies available for download.  If you love soft feminine designs, you will fall in love with her in the hoop frame or label design

ITH Free Label 15 Free In the Hoop Designs (ITH)

Oregon Patchworks

If you join Oregon Pathworks as a member, you gain access to lots of free designs.  I sourced this ‘Spot my bag’ free ITH design.  I love that this will fit around the handle. Remember this project when you have to make cheap gifts this year. The possibilities are endless. 

ITH My bag 15 Free In the Hoop Designs (ITH)


Lindee G Embroidery

Lindee G Embroidery offers a free design to make a quick and easy mini zip bag. There is a full-picture tutorial explaining all the how-tos of ‘In-the-hoop’ embroidery, which is very useful.

ITH free quick and easy zippered pouch 15 Free In the Hoop Designs (ITH)

Another very special freebie from Lindee G is a lace snowflake. I am not sure how long this is going to be available for free, so make sure to download it now.  It makes a special Christmas tree decoration.

ITH free snowflake 15 Free In the Hoop Designs (ITH)

Loved it?  Please share it with your friends or on social media – it will really mean a lot to me.

Have an awesome day!


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free ith machine embroidery designs 15 Free In the Hoop Designs (ITH)

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