How to make quick and easy hair clips for little girls - super fun project for grannies and their little princesses. See how easy it is at

If you have a penchant for pretty things and love giving a few adorable accessories to your daughter, granddaughter, friend or niece, I want to show you just how quick and easy you can make this!Whether you want it as stocking stuffer or a small gift or favour, a lovely hair clip in a little girl’s hair is always an ‘oh-ahh’!! ​Don’t spend a lot of money on stuff you can make for a lot less!All you need is 15 minutes and a… Read more »

Free Merry Christmas embroidery design just for you -

As a special thank you to all my loyal subscribers and readers, I created free ‘Merry Christmas’ (en Geseënde Kersfees) embroidery designs for you.Both are text only, the one is just straight text and the other is centred. Free ‘Merry Christmas’ embroidery designsUse it to make some awesome gift tags or to add to a drab tea or hand towel!The designs are available in ART / HUS / VIP / PES and SEW.Whatever you do with it – enjoy and… Read more »

The best Christmas songs for you to sing along (classics and all time favourites) for 3 glorious hours - get the video at

Christmas will not be Christmas without….. music….​Does Christmas music not make you nostalgic?Hey?It cheers me up and then sometimes it reminds me of times gone by and the one’s who left before me.  It is a good time to celebrate the NOW!  ​ 3 Glorious hours of the best Christmas classics with the most beautiful images put together!If it reminds you of your grandma…..sing along…..If you miss your dad ……..sing harder……If it brings memories of you spending Christmas holidays as a… Read more »

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