Sites that offer free crochet patterns. Get the full list at

What excites me about crafts lately, is that younger women (and men) are starting to get involved in making stuff.Students exchange homemade gifts and millennials support arts and craft fairs with their well-deserved earnings!And because you like to crochet, we have sourced the most interesting sites with free and adorable patterns for you to make​.Ravelry ​Ravelry is a pattern vault for knitters and crocheters with paid and free options.Register as a new user and after you have verified your account,… Read more »

What my grandchildren have taught me about life. You might want to read this, to prepare you for grandparenthood! More at

I arrived at work the other day and was greeted by my boss:”Your shoulder is full of snot!””Grandchild?”​Oops…I said and nonchalantly wiped it off.Before I became a grandmother, I would have died of shame!​ I was totaly unprepared for my new role as – GRANDMA.But, from the first moment I laid eyes on them, I was a changed person. Ta-da.Grandma in overdrive!What possibly struck me most, was the intensity of the feelings I had for these little miracles. So pure and so perfect.Blessed… Read more »

Jewellery that will make you stand out in the crowd - read more at

Elegance is the only beauty that never fades….. Audrey Hepburn​​What is the last thing you put on after you have dressed up?Jewellery of course and let’s be honest it makes the world of a difference to one’s total look!If you are a bit like me, by the time I realise that my earrings are not matching, my time has run out!Sometimes, the smile helps to get me through the day but often, the final touches are the confidence makers.Whether you want… Read more »

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