Easy And Quick i-cord crochet lollipop ornament (from scraps)

Let’s get into the Silly-Season mood with an easy and quick I-cord crochet Lollipop Ornament.

Why an i-cord?

I cannot really explain, it’s just an awesome crochet cord technique and you can make about anything with it!

This crochet project is my contribution to the Holiday Stashdown Crochet Along (aka Holiday Stashdow CAL), with Underground Crafter.  The instructions were to:

  • design a Christmas-related gift, ornament, or wrap
  • using one skein of yarn or scraps (or 100yards per color)
  • offering free patterns
  • oh, and earn brownie points if you can make it in less than a week!

Visit Underground Crafter to get the schedule for each new pattern release, learn more about the prizes, enter the giveaway, and enjoy this initiative until 31st December 2023.

Quick I cord crochet ornament to make from scraps  1024x1024 Easy And Quick i cord crochet lollipop ornament (from scraps)

Easy and Quick I-Cord Crochet Lollipop Ornament (from scraps)

Grab the free crochet pattern for the Christmas Lollipops in all the colors of the rainbow.  There are so many ways to crochet lollipops and one is cuter than the next.

I’m hoping that this crochet experience will inspire you to make all your Holiday gifts.


  • Scraps of yarn.
  • Crochet hook according to the thickness of your yarn – I’d recommend using a slightly smaller hook to work the stitches easier.
  • Felt (for back)
  • Lollipop sticks (or barbeque sticks)
  • Glue gun
  • Ribbon, twine, yarn for bows
  • Tapestry needle.
  • Scissors.
  • Measuring Tape.
  • The Pattern.


Basic crochet stitches and crochet techniques required: How to

  • make a slipknot
  • a chain
  • and to yarn over and pull through


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Different colored lollipops: Finished size: circumference 1.5″ (4.5 cm) 

Red and white lollipop: 2″ or 6cm


Gauge is not important.


ch  – chain

sl st – slip stitch

i cord crochet Christmas Ornament 683x1024 Easy And Quick i cord crochet lollipop ornament (from scraps)

Stash Busting, Quick I-Cord Crochet Lollipop Ornament  – see video tutorial below

STITCH PATTERN FOR A Christmas Ornament:

US terms 

Use 2 colors of yarn

Written Instructions – a bit awkward, but you will get the gist of it:

Make a slipknot and ch three in Color A (one loop or stitch on the hook – stitch 1).

Insert hook into the second ch, yarn over and pull through, and keep this stitch on the hook too – stitch 2 + stitch 1.

Insert hook into the third chain, yarn over, and pull through. Three stitches on the hook.

Drop the three stitches but pinch the stitches with your left hand.

Take color B and start with stitch 1, yarn over, and pull through.

Repeat with the remaining two stitches.


Always keep your running yarn (the color you are using) at the back of your work.

Drop the three stitches, attach color A, and repeat the rows again.

Work in this manner, alternating between colors A and B until your cord is 7.5″ long (19.5cm).

Leaving a long tail, yarn over, pull through all loops, and pull tight.

(Some people drop 2 of the loops, keeping stitch 1 on the hook – see if it works better for you).

For the red and white lollipop above: work 15″ (39cm) and follow the same method. Ribbon: crochet a 7″ piece i-cord, fold it to form a ribbon, and wind with yarn in the middle. Weave in the ends. Wrap yarn around the stick and glue to secure the ends.

Holiday Stashdown fb 2023 1024x535 Easy And Quick i cord crochet lollipop ornament (from scraps)

putting your lollipop pieces together

  1. Thread your needle with one of the ends of your i-cord (if you use both ends together, you’ll end up pulling too hard and it distorts the shape of your lollipop).
  2. Start making a coil with this end and continue wrapping the cord into a circle, whilst you gently stitch back and forth with your needle.
  3. Make sure you catch all the layers of the circle.  Weave in the end and repeat with the other end if necessary. (otherwise, just weave in nicely). Weave in the ends of the other tails.
  4. On the back, add some glue in the center of your lollipop and press the lollipop stick firmly to it.
  5. Trace your lollipop onto the felt or other backing and cut.
  6. Add glue to the back and attach the piece of felt or backing.
  7. Cut a small length of white baker’s twine or yarn for the hanger and tie the ends together into a knot. 
  8. Glue a ribbon to the front and enjoy your own creation.
Quick I Cord Crochet Lollipop Ornament from scraps 1 683x1024 Easy And Quick i cord crochet lollipop ornament (from scraps)

How to use your lollipop stick(s)

  • Stick it in a clear treat bag and tie it with twine to gift to teachers and neighbors as Xmas ornaments.
  • String a few lollipops onto a piece of yarn and hang as a bunting
  • Decorate your gifts with a statement decoration!
  • Add to each table setting (in matching colors)
  • Hang on your cupboards or doors for a festive feel.

AD-FREE PATTERN for the quick i-cord Crochet Lollipop Ornament Pattern

An ad-free, pdf pattern is available by clicking the button below:

The pattern will download to your PC immediately. Access it in your Downloads file.

If you loved this project, you’ll love these Christmas patterns too:

Here’s the link to the Make Along again:

Visit Underground Crafter to learn more about the CAL.


May your stash of scraps grow empty and your heart fills to the brim with excitement and anticipation for this holiday season.

Please remember to visit Underground Crafter and grab all the other free patterns.

And – please share this post with your peeps and on social media, I’ll love you for it!

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Whatever you do –

HAPPY crafting!


Bloggers create free patterns for their readers to give something in return. Basically to thank the reader for visiting her site and liking her work.

Unfortunately, people do not respect that the pattern is copyrighted at all, and some upload and share the PDF everywhere.

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