Not sure about making money with affiliate marketing?

There is nothing secretive about sharing fees for marketing a product or service:

Lawyers do it by sharing fees (as regulated);

Estate agents pay for information that leads to a sale;

People in the travelling industry stand off referrals;​

Sales people earn commission and you think it is ok;

Businesses advertise products and prices and we accept it as part of commerce...

 Not sure about making money with affiliate marketing?

Why do you then feel that Affiliate marketing may not help bloggers pay their bills?

OR, you have heard of the term Affiliate marketing, but you are not sure how to start earning;

OR, like me, you have tried it before, but every time you click through to your link, the commission bar has not raised!

AND, if you have your niche narrowed down but have no idea to come up with content for a blogging course;

AND, you are desperate today (like me) and you feel you really need a leap of faith.....

You land on someone's page and she happen to tell you, she left a high earning job to become a full-time blogger because she is making a ton of money with Affiliates....

....the light bulb flickers!


The course has been upgraded and here’s what’s included (as it was featured on Designer Trapped:

  • 24 video lessons, divided into 6 units. The video lessons total nearly 7 hours in length. That’s a TON of information.
  • Access to a private Facebook Mastermind group where you can ask Tasha (and the other awesome bloggers in the group) about affiliate marketing any time you want. It’s like having a private affiliate marketing coach for free!
  • A free copy of the second edition of Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers, my eBook.
  • Worksheets and checklists to keep you on track and organized.

 Not sure about making money with affiliate marketing?

The downloadable E-book costs $39 and if you opt-in to buy the course with additional resources, videos and Promo's, it costs $149.

I have signed up today and I have already learned of Affiliate links that I have not seen on Pinterest (and I spend a lot of time there) before.

To conclude:

  • Affiliate marketing is a legitimate and honest way to earn passive income from your blog;
  • By sharing a link from a blogger, you help her spread the word, and you earn passive income (if you are an affiliate);
  • Click any of the links above to help Tasha Agruso and me earn some money please.  
  • If you become an affiliate, do share your link with me, and I will help you promote!

Affiliate Marketing for bloggers - BUY NOW! 

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  1. Hi Nikki, I am busy working through it and the implementation is quite straightforward. It is, like you said just a matter of taking the time to read and follow the advice given. Thanks for the visit!

  2. Hi Amanda,
    Great to see you here. So far, I have become an affiliate of several places but money is slow to come by, but I just started.

  3. I love this book! I am going to get into the vids soon, I just haven’t had the time. But the book opened my eyes to a ton of stuff that could really work for me and my blog! Love it! I’m glad you did a review, and that you loved it as much as I did!!!

  4. I love it when other bloggers set up affiliate systems to help you help them. Some of the best personal finance books I’ve read are by other bloggers.

  5. Hi Alissia, I am sure you will find it useful. The writer has a support Facebook group too, so training is ongoing – if you purchase the advance course.

  6. There are so many ways to use affiliate marketing that it is overwhelming. I will be interested in knowing if this way works for you.

  7. Our governor has made affiliate marketing difficult through tax laws. I’m hoping the next gov relaxes and lets us get back to business.

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