Are you Killing Pinterest Group Boards with your Strategy?

Like yours truly, are you also guilty of killing Pinterest Group Boards with your strategy?

I read a post last night of a well-known guru who started using Pinterest after a long resistance to the platform. 

He gives a detailed tutorial of 'How to pin in just 10 minutes each week' using Boardbooster.


How to Join group boards, put it on 'looping' / 'campaigns'


you are set for success!


10 minutes a week?

​With the magic of Group Boards?

Without your input?​

Hi - Mr Mr ... have I got news for you...

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You are Killing Group Boards with your strategy

  1. The power of group boards lies in the community of like minded individuals.  Be it to promote a product or blog post a CTA or Your tube video = TO THE BENEFIT OF ALL THE COLLABORATORS.
  2. To remain a member of this group board community, you have to adhere to the rules, first and foremost.
  3. Like in law, there are also some 'unwritten' rules when it comes to being a member of a group board - it is probably the most important rule of Group Boarding - a Group Board is not a drop can not drop your lovely pins and expect others to shout 'I need this' without you being active yourself!!!

The holy grail of Group Boarding 

  • The success of group boards remain in the active participation of each member.
  • How do you do this???
  • You have to open your Pinterest account, dust it off, and:
    • Check how your pins are appearing on the Group Board.
    • Are you pinning too frequently? 
    • Have you scrolled down a page and still can't see your pins? Sure sign you can pin more frequently to this board.
    • Do you need to clean it up a bit? Move your duplicate pins to a secret board.  (The ones with the least pins).
    • Do this at least each week.

AND then - you REPIN from the exact group board you so happily schedule to, at least the number you have been pinning.


How group boards are measured

Tailwind has a feature that measures the performance of group boards on:-

ENGAGEMENT level = Total Repins / Total Pins / 1000 Followers.  It is a "measure of how much interaction your pins are receiving per-Follower basis" quoted from Tailwind.


VIRALITY level = Total Repins / Total Pins.  It gives a clear indication of how many times your pins are being repinned across the board.

How to choose the correct Group Boards

Group Boards can work for you and your pins ONLY:

  • If you have joined the most targeted group boards for your niche or
  • If you have joined the most active Group Boards - in terms of repinning.

Unfortunately, you will only be able to assess a new group board after you have joined it:

  • In Tailwind - Scroll down to Track your Brand Page / Board Insights. Uncheck the "Secret Boards" and "Regular Boards" boxes to excludes those boards for the moment.  A screen similar to the image above will appear, reflecting the information you are seeking to decide if the new group board is a perfect match.
  • In Boardbooster click on Reports / Board Performance.  In the top right there are 2 drop down menus.  Choose if you want a "Full" or "Brief" metric and also "Group Boards".  The metrics you can track are Board name / No of Followers / Your pins/month / Duplicate pins / Monthly trends.  If you click on "view" in Monthly trends the third graph will reflect the following (as per Boardbooster):-  

    Repin rate

    This chart shows the average number of repins per pin during each month. Repin rate for your pins is shown in green, average rate for all other contributors is grey.

TIP:  In Boardbooster, click on Reports / Top Group Boards / Choose your Niche and check out the detail of Group Boards -

Repin rate/Followers/ Active contributors/ New pins/day


PinGroupie used to be the number 1 source to find suitable group boards but unfortunately it is no longer maintained.  There are still useful information regarding existing group boards though.

To recap:

​Join active and niche specific Group Boards;

Be an active Group Board'er - repin from your Group Boards;

Visit your Group Boards regularly to clean up your pins and to adjust you strategy;

If you are a Group Board owner, ensure that your Group Board displays a keyword rich description, including all the niches that are being pinned to the board;

RESPECT fellow bloggers

and remember - Group Boards are not drop-zones!​

Posts of other bloggers regarding group boards:

How to clean up Pinterest boards - by Kate Ahl of Simple Pin Media.

The secret to explosive blog traffic:  Group Boards by Krista Dickson of Blog Beautifully 

Developing a strategy for Pinterest Group Boards - by Tailwind Blog

Find your Tribe is a course offered by Jen Snyder of Women Winning Online.  In the course you will also receive a spreadsheet full of group boards related to your niche.​

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  1. Hi Leanna, maybe it is not the looping that dropped your numbers but a combination of factors! I would suggest checking your numbers again after 2 weeks and maybe adjust the looping. Good luck and thanks for pinning the post!

  2. You are right on the mark. Your timing is uncanny. A month ago I joined boardbooster and only did the looping. I have tailwind to schedule my pins out. Since starting looping my pins I had my numbers drop for the first time ever.

    Pinning this post.

  3. Hi Amber, Tribes are great and if you use the niche specific one’s it can be very beneficial! I still like group boards especially if the group board owner has lots of followers!

  4. Danielle, it is worth putting effort into your Pinterest strategy. You will find it to remain your number one source of traffic and it’s free (or relatively cheap if you use promoted pins). If you need help, send me an email.

  5. Totally agree Addison. Since I wrote the post, I am actually more aware of my own contribution to the success of the boards I am a member of. If we all work together, the world can be a better place!

  6. I agree that people actually need to collaborate on these boards for them to have any effect. I have two boards of my own and ask pinners to pin a few once a week. I think daily pinning can be a bit daunting for those of us without automation, but we can all comment the same ten minutes to paying it forward each week.

  7. Hi Roseann, it is great if your own boards get more repins and one should never neglect one’s own boards for the sake of group boards. It is something like your email list, nobody can change it, or take it away from you! Well done.

  8. Thanks for all of the great information! I just started joining group boards recently. I seem to get more repins from my personal boards but it’s probably because I haven’t been active enough on the group boards.

  9. Hi Kathleen, It is very true that schedulers cause bloggers not to support group boards anymore. But I don’t think it is penalizing you for pinning manually…some claim you need to stay active on the platform and I agree with that part. If bloggers don’t visit Pinterest they won’t know what is trending too. My best pin is also an oldie! Co-incidence?

  10. I need to go back and read this post again. I used to be right into Pinterest and it was the best source of traffic. I don’t use any of the auto pinners, I guess that is to my detriment. I just feel that they have killed group boards because people no longer need to visit your boards. I will have to read some of the links that you have left for us and get back up to speed on Pinterest. I find it strange that my top pinned post week after week is a post I did about two years ago.

    Thanks for all the info.
    Blogger’s Pit Stop

  11. Hi Cathy, I am glad it helped you. I am a firm believer that my own boards should also be engaged and nurtured but group boards are free, so we should definitely support it more. Tailwind Tribes on the other hand, may become a paid option soon.

  12. This is so timely for me. I was just checking and I don’t get many re-pins from my group boards. Much more from Tailwind tribes. Was wondering if I should drop group boards entirely OR look for different boards. Thanks for this post – makes me re-think my strategy.

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