The Not-So-Every-Day Perfect Gifts for Dad

It's not always easy to find the perfect men gift ideas, but if you categorise your dad or husband or THE MAN like we did, you're more likely to find something that will boul him over.

I totally get you - hankies and briefs are handy and necessary but we want to go BIG this time!

So big - that come Christmas or your B-Day, your expectations can be so much higher...are you catching my drift here?

Whether Adonis or Bear Grylls give not so every day presents for you man this Fathers Day The Not So Every Day Perfect Gifts for Dad

A Shopping Junkie compiled this list of the most masculine pressies, to help you save some time and to learn what men really want!

Lets start with the list!

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Bear Grylls Adventurer

This man has a good body, he is always active and thrives on adrenaline!

Go Pro Hero
weapon mounted light

Cool Dude Rapper

Your musical type of guy may appear 'unneat' at times, but he is the smooth talker.  He can strike the cords of your heart in one tune!

COWIN E7 Active Noise Cancelling HeadphoneBluetooth
Oontz bluetooth portable speaker

garmin  rugged gps watch

Mr Sport's' Fanatic

This man, can not sit down for a quiet movie...oh no, he'd rather take his bike or hike - you'll want him to slow down at times, but activity is what makes him tick.

golf driver

Sole Fisher

If your man likes the waters...he might not be the worlds biggest talker, but he is a thinker.  Appreciate his wisdom.

fishing tackle backpack
 fishing rod & reel combo
frogg wading jacket

Game Changer

Oh man...this one will stay up all night just to connect with his pals - he must be competitive and a sharp judge of character.

x-box games
ps5 slimconsole

Lord Metro Man

I can imagine, a man like this, to be intellectual, the kind who spoils his lady with spa vouchers and jewellery.

cashmere sweater
comfy shoes 
g shock watch

Gadget King

The combination of all of the above or none at all - the geeky type are the one's full of surprises.

De Walt TOOL Kit
gadgets fot men

I hope you found the perfect gift for your smart Dad or MAN and spoil him with lots of love! 

If you think anyone else can benefit from the list, please hit one of the social media buttons to share.

Blessings x

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  1. Fabulous gift ideas! I’m going to check out several of them. Thanks for sharing at Snickerdoodle Sunday.

  2. Hi Sammi, my daughters always ask for a to-buy list and sometimes I am out of ideas. We tend to forget all the wonderful tools and gadgets available. Thanks for pinning too!

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