Best Mom Quotes to Download and Share

The most striking Mom quote I ever read, was: ” Dear Mom, I get it now…” 

It is a truth I only grasped the day I held my firstborn and realized how unconditionally my own Mother loved me all along…

We oftentimes search for all kinds of ‘things’ in our lives – ‘things’ like our true purpose, our soul-mate, our destiny, our passions…it’s a waste of time.

You know why?

Because, it is like a Mother’s love, always with you, you just have to believe it yourself…

dear Best Mom Quotes to Download and Share

Best Mom quotes to download and share

Let’s look at the Mom Love Quotes…

because of you mom, i know that jesus loves me –   EASY ON THE TONGUE

The second truth I discovered and inherited at the feet of wisdom, was that, apart from her (my Mom), Jesus loves me.  

Because He is alive in her, I believe and live it each and every day.

Thank you Mom, you have armoured me with the gift of eternal life.

Because of you Mom I know that Jesus love me Quote Best Mom Quotes to Download and Share


life does not come with a manual, it comes with a mom – (unknown)

In case of emergency, who do you call?

Most often, it’s Mom.  

It is obvious, you Mom knows you the best, with all your best and bad characteristics.  And honestly, she has lived much longer than you.

Life does not come with a manual it comes with a MOM Quote 1 Best Mom Quotes to Download and Share


your kids don’t want a perfect mom, they Want a happy one – (unknown)

You can believe this one and try to live it everyday.  Nobody is perfect.

Mom’s set the mood in the home (I know Dad’s do too, but she is the one who can change the mood the best).

Children are emotionally attached to their Moms and nothing can change that.

Your kids dont want a perfect Mom they want a happy one Quote Best Mom Quotes to Download and Share


Mom, A title just above queen – (unknown)

The queen of our hearts – we definitely put our mothers on pedestals and admire them for all their sacrifices. 

She is the ruler, the monarch of her own Kingdom.  Her children are her pride and joy.

Likewise, the king admires and loves her for her loving care.

Send your Mom the Mom Queen Quote, just to make her day.

Mom a title just above queen Quote Best Mom Quotes to Download and Share


Mothers hold their children’s hands for a short while, but their hearts forever (unknown)

Young children want to break free – they want to run ahead and explore…

sometimes they don’t want to let go…

Just be there for them…you are their stronghold.

This mom quote is probably one of my favorite Mum quotes.  (mum is an alternative to mom and used in other English speaking countries).

Mothers hold their childrens hands for a while but their hearts forever Quote 1 Best Mom Quotes to Download and Share


home is where mom is (unknown)

As Mom’s, we are privileged to play such an important part in the lives of our children.

I always said:  “My children will not remember me for my cooking skills!”  But you know what, they do!  

They want Mom’s food when they’re visiting! (bless my soul) or kitchen!

Home is where Mom is Quote Best Mom Quotes to Download and Share

Happy Mother’s Day

To all the Mom’s that are lonely, or who can not join her family this special day, Happy Mother’s day.

May your day be blessed.

To all the Mothers you and old you are truly gold Mothers day message. mothersday happymothersday mothersdayquote Best Mom Quotes to Download and Share


Trusting your days as a Mom, is always filled with laughter, hugs and dirty kisses!

Please share your the Mother quotes you like best on any of your social media platforms.

Love your Mom and Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mothers Day Best Mom Quotes to Download and Share


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  1. The funniest card my daughter ever bought me for Mother’s day had this on it: Dear Mom, Thanks for all the things you taught me. Where would I be without you? Probably eating cupcakes for dinner, in the rain, without a jacket, wearing dirty underwear. Thanks again Mom, I love you.
    Had me rolling and is the only one I’ve ever saved.

  2. I’m sorry Liz. My Mom is 85 years and still strong and I can’t imagine a life without her.

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