How to start a blog – 30+ Free and Paid Bloggers Courses

This post was first published in July 2016 as 'How to start a blog - 30+ Free and Paid Blogger Courses' it has since grown into a list of 57 33 courses!  

Updated February 2020.

Blogging can cause a lot of overwhelm and to pay for every bit of expertise is not always possible - I know, I have been there!

And that is why I created this list for you - to save you time and to direct you to reputable resources.

dog600x240 How to start a blog – 30+ Free and Paid Bloggers Courses

There are affiliate links in this post and I will earn a small commission if you subscribe using my link. Thank you for supporting me!

How to start a blog - Top Tips for course success:

Do not overdo it.

Start with a first phase course.

Master the process and move on.​

Take one course at a time and give it your all.

Do your homework!​

Join the course platform to engage with others​.  You will learn so much just by reading the Q & A's.

List of free Blog-related Courses

Free Courses

Begginer Blogger

Krystal Abbott of Daily Femme - The Epic 14-Day Better Blog Challenge.

13-Day Blogging Bootcamp by Blog Simple Framework (Paul Scrivens, also of Dare to Conquer). Learning how to build a blog that is making over $1000 a month.

Suzi Whitford - How to start a blog today. The blog plan free course.

Start & Grow your E-mail List

Meera Kothand - Email Lists for Newbies.

Amber Kuivenhoven - The 10 Step System To Creating One Info product Per Week.

Create a Professional Look

Kotryna Bass - Design your Own Blog (7-day course), without any coding or web development knowledge.

Sarah Hart - Brand Legend Quiz.

Create awesome Graphics

Simplifying DIY Design - Designing your Blog Growth (3-Day Challenge)

Simplifying DIY Design - Canva 101-Workshop

r3d 300x250 5 How to start a blog – 30+ Free and Paid Bloggers Courses

'Show me the money'

Christina Root at Organize your Biz - Pinterest Affiliate Marketing 101 will introduce you to making money with Pinterest.

Free 6-Day Email Course - Get paid to write by Elna Cain.

Kate McKibbin - $5k Formula in 4 easy steps will teach you how to put your course sales on autipilot.

Mariah Coz of Fempreneur - Build a profitable blog the right way.

Summer Tannhauser of Lady Boss League - How to build a simple and profitable online business from home, even if you have no idea where to start.

02 full power 300x250 How to start a blog – 30+ Free and Paid Bloggers Courses
300x250 How to start a blog – 30+ Free and Paid Bloggers Courses

Increase your Blog Traffic

Lena Gott offers a free Blog Traffic Guide, in her own words:  

  • They are foundational strategies that helped me push my blog traffic over the edge when I needed additional traffic for sponsored opportunities and increased ad revenue.
  • They may seem simple at first, but I promise they're not - I still use them to this day!

Social Media


Anna Bennett of White Gloves Media - Free Pinterest Marketing course (including how to set up your Pinterest Business account).

Mom Makes Cents - Pinterest Primer (a 5-day Email course). 


Alex Tooby - Instagram E-course (7-day course).

Here is the list of paid Blog-related Courses

Paid Courses



The all-inclusive blogging course with a active community to support you every step of your way:

Enrollment includes:

  • Niche Selection
  • Intro to Email Marketing
  • Google Analytics
  • WordPress
  • Content Creation
  • Pinterest 
  • Affiliate 
  • SEO 
  • Tailwind 

And a total rebrand and inclusion of Everything Business and Making Money Online, from August 2018.

Go check out - DARE TO CONQUER


No list will be complete without Ruth Soukup's - Elite Blog Academy (enrollment is closed at the moment.  You can put your name on the waiting list in the meantime and be informed of early-bird specials once it opens again).

Elite Blog Academy will be opening early March 2020.  In the meantime, grab a copy of the No-fail Blog Plan.

Start a Mom Blog

Suzi Whitford - Blog by Number a solid course to take you from an idea to a business.  

It is a cheaper course but by no means compromised in terms of quality.  Suzi offers more than expected because she knows how moms want to stay at home and help contribute to the finances.

Grow your E-mail List

Melyssa Griffin - List Surge (Combining the most powerful list building strategies with lots of tutorials to give you a fool-proof list-building system).

Blog by Number Income Journey by Suzi Whitford of Start A Mom Blog.

In this course Suzi shares month by month details of what she did to make her income grow to thousands per month and how her email list exploded! You can buy the book only or the email bundle (all her emails to her subscribers are included) or put both in your cart!

Increase your blog traffic

Jenn Snyder from Winning Women Online offers a 'Find your Tribe-course' which lists of influencers in all niches, Pinterest group boards and Facebook groups to join.

Traffic Transformation by Lena Gott.  Lena shares 21 Strategies that increased her monthly page views from 17k to 400k+ in 10 Months.  This book is personally recommended by me and I am still busy implementing some of Lena's strategies.

Design & Photo Editing

Beth Bryan - Lazy Girl's Guide to Lightroom.  Easy photo editing for bloggers.  If I say easy, you can bet on it.  Beth is such a good teacher, I could see the difference in my images straight away!

Simplifying DIY Design - The Complete Blogger Template Toolkit.

'Show me the money'

Elise McDowell of House of Brazen wrote an E-book - How to make your first Affiliate sale in 24 hours using Pinterest.  The book is easy to read and you can implement a strategy within a day!

Erin from Printable Crush - Basic Printable Design course - This course specially caters for designing PRINTABLES in Adobe Illustrator.

ShareASale 468x60 B Light How to start a blog – 30+ Free and Paid Bloggers Courses

Social Media


Pinning Perfect by Blog Clairty.  A stunning hands-on course with loads of blog-related advise!

Summer Tannhauser of Lady Boss League - Pintastic Profit Plan (your 31 day plan to build a list, gain traffic and secure paying clients through Pinterest.


Alex Tooby - Hashtag Hero.

Insta Workshop

"Learn how to create swoon-worthy, intentional Instagram content, define your insta audience & style, and learn a strategy that will grow your following by thousands a month. This course is all about photo styling + major strategy to have becoming an Instagram rockstar in no time."


I am hoping that this list will get you off to a good start on your blogging journey or beyond!

If you know of more excellent value for money courses, please send me an email.  And off course, if the list leads you to a breakthrough in your blog or business, please let me know!

Happy blogging!

How to start a blog 57 Free Paid Blogger Courses. Click to get the list at  How to start a blog – 30+ Free and Paid Bloggers Courses
best affiliate programs creatives How to start a blog – 30+ Free and Paid Bloggers Courses
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  1. Thank you, I’ve bookmarked this! I’ve only done WordPress University courses so far, but they’ve been really helpful 🙂

  2. Hi gerhard amanda? is that your name?

    thanks for this list. In my opinion this list is not complete without the Blog to Biz hive from Melyssa Griffin.
    I see you’ve mentioned list surge, but the Blog to bizz hive is a great course for who want to start a blog and create an income through creating courses.

    Also Pinfinith Growth is very popular. This is her pinterest course.

    besides that it’s a great list though.



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