Quotes are Popular on Pinterest + Download Free Copies

I stand to be corrected because Quotes are popular on Pinterest...yes...but it is also popular across all other social media platforms.

The truth of the matter is - if you want to grow your social media following, you will learn that quotes are popular on Pinterest, on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and all the others!

If you want peeps to share you stuff, use ...QUOTES!

Grow your Pinterest Following with Quotes Free Pinterest Quote Templates Quotes are Popular on Pinterest + Download Free Copies

Why use Quotes?

Quotes are

  • popular, 
  • it engages your audience,
  • depending on what you are posting, your audience can relate to it,
  • it can be inspirational, motivational, sympathetic, funny or just plain beautiful and true,
  • in essence, it speaks to your heart and nothing captures your attention more than something emotional,
  • you will never know how much your message means to someone, just that day, just that moment...


I created popular pinterest quotes for you:-

I concocted a few popular Pinterest quotes for you, to download and share anywhere you want.  My only requirement is to give me credit (just once is fine) and to please not sell it as your own!

CANVA design program (also available on app)

The Pinterest quotes were created in Canva, which is a free design program. You can also enroll in Canva for Work, starting at $12.95 per month.

I am not a Canva affiliate (in fact, they don't have an affiliate program) and I am in no way compensated to share the platform with you.

i don't like your pinterest quote's colors, can I change that?

Be my guest - if you want to receive the free customizable Pinterest quotes to use in Canva, you can sign up in the link provided.  

You will not only sign up to receive the download link, but will be added to my mailing list. 

The instructions to alter the templates, will be on the templates.

Please remember to make a copy of the files before you start changing it!

what is the size of your free pinterest quotes?

The Pinterest quotes were created according to Pinterest's latest specification - 600 x 900px.

3 Quotes are Popular on Pinterest + Download Free Copies

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