How to knit a “FALL” intarsia knit square, free pattern

As part of the charity cozy FALL MAL of 2022 (Make-a-long), I’m sharing my “FALL” Intarsia knit square pattern.

My pattern is the seventh 8 x 8 original pattern for a knit square with the word. It spells “FALL” and each letter in its own color.

It’s an easy introduction to Intarsia knitting, and suitable for the beginner knitter ready for a challenge! 



Cozy Fall Intarsia Knit Square Pattern by  How to knit a “FALL” intarsia knit square, free pattern




fall intarsia knit square pattern

shared below

The pattern is for a single square knitted in worsted yarn.

Use the free patterns shared in this make-a-long to make a gorgeous blanket with knitted squares or add some splashes of fall to your decor with a pillow on the couch.



More about the Make-a-long:

Two incredible ladies, Noorain of Noor’s Knits and Hortense of Knitting with Chopstick organized the Charity Cozy Fall Makealong.

Both ladies have personal stories and have had loved ones affected by childhood cancer. They have organized this event to give back where it’s most needed. A portion of the proceeds from this event will be donated to Cure Childhood Cancer. More about how you can contribute is below.

Please take care to share my pins on any of your social media accounts, to spread the word and help us achieve our goal for charity.

 The COZY FALL MAKEALONG CHARITY ran from the 3rd to 8th of October 2022.




The blanket that you’ll be making will be a truly special one. If you wish to, you can donate all your squares / finished blankets to a charity from the list provided (in the post of 30 September 2022 on Noors Knits). 




Each bundle (a bundle each for Knit, Crochet, and Tunisian crochet Squares is available for $16 (that’s just a few cents per pattern and you get a total of 20 complete square patterns in each bundle!). A Trifecta containing all 60 patterns at $35 is available too.

Thirty percent of proceeds from bundle sales will go towards Cure Childhood Cancer. This is a terrific opportunity for us to use our crafting skills to raise funds and awareness!



TRIFECTA Cozy Fall MAL TC Bundle Promo 2022 1200 × 675 px How to knit a “FALL” intarsia knit square, free pattern





The first knit, Tunisian crochet, and crochet squares of this free MAL have been released and you can get all the daily links on each of the three listed posts below: 


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Now for today’s pattern:


WHAT YOU’LL NEED to knit squares:

I used:

  • Knitting Needles: 5.5mm / I/9 (US) or 5 (UK)
  • Yarn: 5 Autumn colors in worsted weight
  • Color A – CreamColor B – OrangeColor C – Golden BrownColor D – GreenColor E – Dark Pink
  • Stitch Markers
  • Scissors
  • Yarn needle to weave in ends


17 stitches/ 23 rows = 4 inches or 10cm in Stocking Stitch


8 inches by 8 inches or 20 by 20cm

Fall Intarsia Knit Square Pattern by 1 How to knit a “FALL” intarsia knit square, free pattern

stitch abbreviations

US Terms

k / knit

p / purl

st / stitch

sts / stitches


Color A will be carried with the working yarn to fill in the gaps along the edges.• Ensure that the yarn overlaps when you are changing colors to avoid any holes in your knitting project.•Intarsia knitting is a technique used to add multiple colors of yarn to create a picture, word, or design to your knitting project.




  1. In this pattern, the main color (A), will be carried throughout and twisted to prevent gaps from forming.
  2. The following video explains how to strand the main color in purl rows –
  3. Stranding the main color causes floats on the back of your project.
  4. Twisting the yarn is done as follows: In a knit row at a color change, bring the next color between the needles and the working yarn and knit. In a purl row, you’ll do the same.
  5. Always bring up the new yarn from underneath the old yarn so the old yarn is on top as you knit the first stitch in the new color.
  6. Tug both tails to secure the stitches (not too tight).
  7. Keep your tension even during color changes.
  8. If you have gaps in between your stitches, you’ll have to stitch it up whilst you are weaving in the ends.
  9. You can use bobbins for each of the colors, but it is not necessary as you won’t use a lot of yarn and the balls of yarn are manageable.




Have a look at this yarn:

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fall intarsia knit square Pattern

(Written Instructions)

Graph available in the pdf bundle.

Cast on 36 sts in A.

Rows 1 – 10:  With A, knit across.

11th Row:  In A, knit across.

12th Row:  A, k5, purl 26 and k5.

13th Row:  A, k8, change to B (stranding A as you continue), k8 (B), k3 (A), k2(C), k2(A), k2(C), k1(A), k2(D), k8(A). 

14th Row:  A, k5, p3(A), p2(D), p1(A), p2(C), p2(A), p2(C), p3(A), p8 (B), p3(A), k5(A).

15th Row:  In A, k14, k2 (B), k3(A), k6(C), k1(A), k2(D), k8(A).

16th Row: With A, k5, p3(A), p2(D), p1(A), p2(C), p2(A), p2(C), p3(A), p2(B), p9(A), k5(A).

17th Row:  In A k14, k2(B), k3(A), k2(C), k2(A), k2(C), k1(A), k2(D), k8(A).18th Row:  A, k5, p3(A), p2(D), p1(A), p2(C), p2(A), p2(C), p3(A), p2(B),p9(A), k5(A).

19th Row:  With A k5, k6(E), k3(A), k2(B), k3(A), k6(C), k1(A), k2(D), k8(A).

20th Row:  In A k5, p3 (A), p2(D), p1(A), p6(C), p3(A), p2(B), p3(A), p6(E),k5(A).

21st Row:  k9(A), k2(E), k3(A), k2(B), k10(A), k2(D), k8(A).22nd Row:  k5(A), p3(A), p2(D), p10(A), p2(B), p3(A), p2(E), p4(A), k5(A).

23rd Row:  k9(A), k2(E), k3(A), k2(B), k6(A), k6(D), k8(A).

24th Row:  k5(A), p3(A), p6(D), p6(A), p2(B), p3(A), p2(E), p4(A), k5(A).

25th Row:  k9(A), k2(E), k3(A), k2(B), k1 0(A), k2(D), k8(A).

26th Row:  k5(A), p3(A), p2(D), p1 0(A), p2(B), p3 (A), p2(E), p4(A), k5(A).

27th Row:  k9(A), k2(E), k3(A), k2(B), k1 0(A), k2(D), k8(A).

28th Row:  k5(A), p3(A), p2(D), p1 0(A), p2(B), p3(A), p2(E), p4(A), k5(A).

29th Row:  k9(A), k2(E), k3(A), k2(B), k1 0(A), k2(D), k8(A).

30th Row:  k5(A), p3(A), p2(D), p1 0(A), p2(B), p3(A), p2(E), p4(A), k5(A).

31st Row:  k9(A), k2(E), k3(A), k2(B), k4(A), k8(D), k8(A).

32nd Row:  k5(A), p3(A), p8(D), p4(A), p2(B), p3(A), p2(E), p4(A), k5(A).

Rows 33 and 35: knit across (A).

Rows 34 and 36:  k5(A), p2 6(A), k5(A).

Rows 37 to 46:  Knit (A).

Cast off and weave in the ends.




First, arrange your squares in the shape and size you want. Baste or pin your squares together and align the top and bottom.

There are several ways to join your knitted squares as listed below (clickable link to YouTube videos or posts):






free easy knit mitered square pattern mitredsquare freeknittingpattern How to knit a “FALL” intarsia knit square, free pattern

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