"Join forces with your peers to share content and maximise your reach!"

That is the new capability called 'TRIBE' in the Tailwind App.

HOW to createTribes in tailwind Pinterest How to create a ‘Tribe’ in Tailwind to maximize your reach!

Similar to Facebook groups, where group members can share certain threads, tribe allows Tailwind subscribers to:

  • Create multiple TRIBES;
  • Invite tribe members (members do not have to be Tailwind subscribers!!!) via Facebook or email;
  • Complete an 'About this tribe' description;
  • Set out the Rules of the Tribe;
  • Allow new Tribe members to 'Share (pins) to the tribe';
  • Add your pins to the tribe;
  • All members repin out of the pool of pins to various boards on their own Pinterest account (including group boards);
  • Resulting in maximum exposure!
  • Fill up your queue with 'curated' and reliable content.
  • Statistics of new pins, your own pins, repins and shared pins are given;
  • Pins that do not fit your niche may be 'skipped' - which means it will not appear in your Tailwind feed anymore. 

What do you need to start a tribe?  

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  • A friend who is a Tailwind subscriber or;
  • You can subscribe here and receive $15 gift voucher to redeem;
  • Tailwind Publisher extension added to Chrome.

What are the benefits of joining a TRIBE?

Before you wander off without knowing the benefits of Tribes, let's look at our incredible stats:-

About a week old, only 7 members have joined and 28 pins have been added to the tribe.

Tribes repins How to create a ‘Tribe’ in Tailwind to maximize your reach!


  • 28 Pins have been repinned by 3 tribe members, resulting in 54 re-shares.  
  • Of my own pins, I have received 43 reshares and 28 repins.
  • Look at the projected reach of my pins - 742.4K!!
  • If I could get that amount of exposure, I will be to the moon and back without NASA's assistance!

The trick with tribes is to encourage members to be active and to share as widely as possible - ultimately, this will benefit all the members of the tribe!

How to start a TRIBE of your own

Log in to your Tailwind account


Click on the second tab on the sidebar (left), just below 'Weekly Summary', on TRIBE

On the top left, click on 'Create New Tribe'

Create new tribe

Tribes sidebar How to create a ‘Tribe’ in Tailwind to maximize your reach!
Creat a new tribe How to create a ‘Tribe’ in Tailwind to maximize your reach!

Complete Tribe Name

Add Tribe Description

Set out tribe rules

Choose tribe category​

Your Tribe will appear in the 'Choose Tribes to add content to'

​There are 2 ways to add content to your tribes:

  1. As you schedule (with the Tailwind extension) or from your Drafts page 
  2. From the Pin Inspector
How to add content to your tribes How to create a ‘Tribe’ in Tailwind to maximize your reach!

As you choose 'Add to tribes' the pop-up below will appear.  Follow the prompt to choose the tribe you want to pin to.  If you do not choose here, the pin will be sent to all your active tribes.

You do not choose the Pinterest board at this stage, each Tribe member will obviously pin to their own boards.

As soon as you schedule from a tribe, a green tab "Published" will appear on the pin, making sure you create fresh content each time!

Add tribes 3 How to create a ‘Tribe’ in Tailwind to maximize your reach!

Skip a pin

Tribes skip How to create a ‘Tribe’ in Tailwind to maximize your reach!

If you are confident that a pin will not suit your niche, you can click on the 'Skip' button

The effect will be that the pin will be hidden from your tribe feed​

Avoid having to scan through the pins again

The little blue fire on the image to the right is a very smart tool...

If you hover over it, it shows you how many times your graphic has been shared on Pinterest, Facebook and Google +.​

This also enables you to pin images that you know will be popular and good for your own Pinterest statistics!​

Additional stats

How to create a Tribe in Tailwind to maximize your reach Easy on the TongueEasy on the Tongue.clipular How to create a ‘Tribe’ in Tailwind to maximize your reach!

Join other Tribes with Tribe Visibility

Tribes were only accessible to people who were either invited or came across a tribe name in a community.

Tailwind is rolling out Tribe visibility.

All tribe admins have until 1 April 2017 to choose if their tribes will be visible to the public or to keep it secret.

As with group boards in Pinterest, you will now be able to send a request to a tribe you want to be a member of.

To me, this is a very good feature and I am definitely going to try to revive my stagnant tribe!​


Imagine lots of different pinners pinning your pins to lots of different boards?

The addition of TRIBES to the Tailwind app is a great way to maximise Pinterest reach.

Tailwind is not finished with tweaking TRIBES and more additions will follow.​

Please encourage your groups/tribes to implement it to their advantage!

Join a tribe today!

If you want to know how to grow your Pinterest following, read my post here.  Download the free Pinterest scheduler to help you schedule more effectively too.

pixel How to create a ‘Tribe’ in Tailwind to maximize your reach!

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    I have been considering subscribing to Tailwind because I’m wanting to up my Pinterest game — this is timely and helpful information. Definitely saving it and referring back. Thanks!!

    1. gerhardamandanel@gmail.com Post author

      Hi Wendy, you do not have to be a Tailwind subscriber to join a Tribe though and you are also not limited to the amount of pins to the Tribe! You should definitely try it then!

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