101+ Free Quiet Book Theme Ideas and Templates List

The Free Quiet Book Theme Ideas and Templates List will help you chose the perfect theme and templates when deciding to make a quiet book.

And...did I mention, all the templates in this post are free. There are lovely designs on Etsy, I know.  Why have I not added those?

The freebies are all you're needing for the moment.  Let's say, working with felt is not that easy.  And, your first attempt may not look like the one's on Etsy, Pinterest and Instagram.

So, rather start with something that won't disappoint you too much, and get the hang of it.

Nobody is perfect, but I don't want you to be discouraged and not to attempt any quiet books in future.

Quiet book theme ideas and free page templates quietbook quietbooktemplates freequietbookpatterns 101+ Free Quiet Book Theme Ideas and Templates List

Free Quiet Book Theme Ideas and Templates List

In the Table of Contents below, the bold Words represents the categories or themes of the most popular quiet books and the sub-categories listed below. 

Let's say you have a one year old grandson, and you want to make him an educational quiet book.

One option is to chose one sub-category, like color and make all the pages in his book different colors.


You could opt to add all the main colors to one/two pages, another with the alphabet, following numbers etc.

You be the creator.

Quiet books are defintely one of the most thoughtful gifts for:

  • a baby shower
  • the birth of a baby
  • Christmas
  • birthdays
  • to teach a new skill
  • to introduce a baby/toddler to a special interest
  • or just for any other occassion.  

In my "How to make Quiet Books" post, I share lots of detail regarding the size of quiet book pages, finishing options, different ways to bind and variations on quiet books.

Read the post here - How to make Quiet Books.

In todays post, I am sharing 101+ free quiet book templates/pages and patterns in the categories as listed below.  

Let's hope that you find exactly what you have in mind to make, and that it may be the beginning of more wonderful creations by you.

The highlighted areas will take you to the blog with the specific quiet book page.

Most of the links are to free templates.  Though, there are a few in between that don't have templates but the ideas are do-able without.

The links above are affiliate links and the blog owner will receive a small commission should you make a purchase, at no extra cost to you.


life skills


festivities & holidays






sea animals
wild animals


  • Barn by Jocelyn and Jason
  • Tent by Nature for Kids



story characters/fantasy world



girls play

boys play

  • Quiet book for boys by All the Quiet Things,  spotlight, dump truck, tools, soccer shoe, bugs, treasure box, clock
  • Car page by Jocelyn and Jason

Back in the day when my little brother was still a baby, he had a cloth book, with zig-zag edges.  The pictures were printed on the fabric. He loved that book and took it everwhere.

Today, you get the very same cloth books, plastic one's and then off-course the very special quiet book (activity book, sensory book or busy book, as it is also called).

Then you get variations on all of the above:

  • No-sew quiet books;
  • Printed quiet books;
  • Activity Cubes;
  • Wooden activity boards;
  • Activity mats
  • Story telling mittens
  • and lots more

The ideas are endless.

Make yours priceless.

Happy crafting!

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