Gift Ideas for Beginners to Advanced Knitters

If you’re shopping for a knitter this holiday season, this Gift Guide for Knitters will provide you with lots of inspiration.

Obviously, there are all kinds of knitting going on around the globe, such as:

  • Knitting
  • Finger Knitting 
  • Arm Knitting and
  • Loop Knitting
Gift Ideas for Knitters get the full list on  Gift Ideas for Beginners to Advanced Knitters

Do you want ideas to buy for someone else? Remember that you can never give too much!

Seriously!  (wink-wink)

Without further ado, let’s look at some of the most amazing gift ideas for knitters.

Gift ideas for knitters

Addi Express King Size Knitting Machine – for fast knitting or winding and a knitting book to help with projects or a cheaper version of the Addi Express Professional.

Ideal for someone who wants to create items to sell or who would want to experiment with a new gadget.

Is this on your wish list?  

Wondering what to make with it?  Type “addi express knitting machine” into the search bar of Pinterest for a lot of inspiration and patterns.

The knit blog, Salvalbot created the cutest gift bag with an Addi King, get the pattern in the post, Knit Bags for Christmas Goodies.

11cm Wire Balls Earrings in Sterling Silver will buy so much appreciation.


Tangled sterling silver yarn ball earrings by littleglamour on etsy Gift Ideas for Beginners to Advanced Knitters

These earrings are a thoughtful and unique present to gift to any knitter.

I am not going to lie, this shop on Etsy sells the most amazing jewelry and you may have to add these yarn earrings to the cart first before you get distracted.

Personalized gifts are trendy and so thoughtful, such as knitting needles with your name on them!

Personalised knitting needles by OakdeneDesigns on Etsy Gift Ideas for Beginners to Advanced Knitters

Can you imagine the look on your Gran’s, Mom’s, Daughter’s, or whoever’s face when she opens her personalized knitting needles?

Sometimes buying out-of-the-box gifts makes for tears and laughter!

Visit Oakdene Designs on Etsy to order yours today.

Blocking your knitting cannot be easier than with any of these products available on Amazon.

Crafting ladies are often frugal when it comes to things they need.  

Do you agree?

You’d rather buy another skein of wool but buy a proper blocking set!

Instead, you use Styrofoam with too many holes in it or an old set of foam puzzles from the nursery.

Come on girl, treat yourself a bit.  Adjusting the sizes, and making sure your item is stretched out properly, all of these are just a breeze with the right equipment.


Beginner Knitters will appreciate these lovely starter packs:

There is so much joy in creating something.  Knitting has a calming effect on you and the videos available teach you each step of the way.  Just don’t give up!

Here are posts available on the blog to assist you in your knitting venture:

Are these yarn ball candles not adorable?

Yarn candles available on Etsy Gift Ideas for Beginners to Advanced Knitters

Order 8 miniature yarn ball candles from the supplier on Etsy for yourself or a knitting lady special to you.


Knitting books are essential in your Knitting journey.

The listed knitting books are a lovely selection of stitches and fun – enough to inspire you to create your own unique designs.

People often say they are not creative.

It’s a lie.

If you take an existing pattern and use another knit stitch or tweak the colors, you have been creative.

The more you do this, the more you will grow in confidence and even greater greatness.

stitch markers

Stitch markers are necessary, especially for beginner knitters; knitters working in the round, or specialty knitters.

And it makes excellent stocking stuffers!

Knitting bags don’t last a lifetime and you don’t need just one.

Serious knitters have a bag for each project (trust me, it can be a lot).

Then, when you are traveling, you need a smaller bag. 

If you go on holiday, you need a bag as big as a boot!

What I am trying to say is, you can never go wrong buying a knitter or another bag.

Personalized Ring Binders for Knitters

 Gift Ideas for Beginners to Advanced KnittersTo Knit or Not to Knit – Funny Knitting Pattern 3 Ring Binderby darlingandmay

A personalized ring binder will mean the world to a special lady.  You can add her name, a quote, or some funny text.

Just imagine the surprise on her face when she opens such a thoughtful gift.

The range also includes biners with different covers, planners, bags, mugs, and more.


Have you seen something special?

Whatever your choice of craft, my wish is that you will be showered with loads of supplies!

Please remember:
  • The items listed in this post are affiliate links. Any purchase because of this recommendation will result in a commission.
  • Products are recommended because of experience with what knitters want and like. The blogger will not accept any responsibility due to any injury or loss in the procurement process or use of any of the listed items.
  • Check with the supplier when the orders will be shipped.  You want to make sure your gifts will arrive on time.
Christmas Gift Guide for Knitters list of products available on  Gift Ideas for Beginners to Advanced Knitters

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