How to create a Centerpiece with Succulents

Make a centerpiece with succulents for any occasion and enjoy the outdoors a bit longer.  

"But I can hardly arrange sticks in a fireplace", you might say - not to worry, is my reply, it's my first time too!

Ok, that is a lousy entry but you catch my drift! 

The problem is, we all know succulents are sun-seekers and because of that, it is not possible to keep it indoors without sun or at least light. 

Also, you don't really have to have any skills to arrange it because it is so incredibly beautiful, anything goes!

You can use a succulent centerpiece:

  • at any celebration;
  • in any reception area;
  • on your dining table; or and of course
  • as part of your wedding decor, with or without fresh flowers; and the best part...
  • when you are through with the centerpiece, you can replant the individual plants where they will re-root and propagate.

*centerpiece or centrepiece - apparently both are correct!

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how to create a centrepiece with succulents

materials needed

  • A selection of succulents in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes;
  • Bowl or container;
  • Florist foam/oasis;
  • Florist wire;
  • Skewers;
  • Moss (optional)

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prepare & clean your succulents

Your first step to create your succulent centerpiece is to:

  • remove the plants from their containers;
  • and to remove any dirt and excessive roots;
  • also clean out old, dead and colored leaves;
  • depending on the height you want to create, keep as much of the stems as possible;
  • wash the plants properly.

I'm in love with these succulent pots available on Amazon. It's modern and comes with a bamboo tray.

succulent quote How to create a Centerpiece with Succulents


Here are some pre-arrangement requirements:

  • Cut your florist foam according to the size of your container;
  • Immerse the foam in water until it is saturated (should not take more than 10 minutes);
  • Large succulent blooms are top heavy and most often do not have very straight stems. It's best to remove most of the stem and then insert wooden skewer/s into the stem to support it. The skewers can also give you the required height.
  • Smaller blooms can be supported with florist wire;  Loop the wire around the base of the plant and twist the wire to insert into the centerpiece; 
  • Succulent stems do not like to be pressed and forced into something. It will definitely bend or break.  You'll need to work carefully.

make a succulent centrepiece collage fb How to create a Centerpiece with Succulents

the arrangement of your succulents

Anything goes!

Yes, it means, it's your arrangements and you can arrange it pretty much the way you want to.

Some tips whilst doing so:

  • Start with the bigger blooms first;
  • Adjust the skewers by cutting it to the required height or simply bend the florist wire to size;
  • Fill the gaps with smaller plants;
  • Keep the balance;

Don't stress too much - if you covered the whole oasis (florist foam) and there is not a single open gap, your arrangement is ready.

If there are open areas, fill it with moss.

And you're done!


I share 3 posts by some of my fellow-bloggers in the best CRAFT group (and blogging community) in the world !

Make a succulent living wreath

Traci, a lifestyle blogger, created a living succulent wreath. It is really so striking and will lovingly greet you each day! She explains how to water and care for it, so no more killing plants!

Here is the link to her How to make a succulent living wreath.

Wildflowersandwanderlust succulent wreath How to create a Centerpiece with Succulents

Image property of Wildflower and Wanderlust

How to care for your succulents

Natalie blogs at Natalielinda and she has quite a collection of succulent related posts.

To learn more about proper care of succulents, visit her blog here.

IF YOu'd rather opt for some felt succulents

Rhoda, is such a talented lady and she can create just about anything!

Believe me, the succulents in her post are all made of felt. (and she calls it: 'Simple to make'). You have to check it out here!

succulent wall art 5 500x395 How to create a Centerpiece with Succulents

Image property of LemonFizz

in conclusion

Succulent Centrepieces are cheap and gorgeous, and will definitely stay fresh for any table setting you are planning. 

It is not wasted either because, after a party, wedding or celebration, you have something to gift your guests or yourself. 

You don't need fancy containers either, be creative and make something that flows with your party decor. 

Happy planting!


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