Christmas will not be Christmas without..... music....

​Does Christmas music not make you nostalgic?


It cheers me up and then sometimes it reminds me of times gone by and the one's who left before me.  

It is a good time to celebrate the NOW!  

The best Christmas songs for your to sing along Pinterest The Best Christmas songs to make you sing along

3 Glorious hours of the best Christmas classics with the most beautiful images put together!

If it reminds you of your grandma.....sing along.....

If you miss your dad ........sing harder......

If it brings memories of you spending Christmas holidays as a child......laugh along...

If it makes you feel young

If you feel thankful.....rejoice along!!

Some of my favourites:

Around 35 minutes

Try 1:38:00

Another bestie at 2:06:00

The first Noel at 2:23:01

The instrumental at 2:26:00

Angel choir at 2:43:00​

All good!!!​

If you want a variety of digital music, you can download (or buy) at Amazon.

This is an affiliate link and I will be compensated if you make any purchases - if you do, thanks a mil!

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pixel The Best Christmas songs to make you sing along

4 thoughts on “The Best Christmas songs to make you sing along

    1. Post author

      Thank you for sharing Laura. It is such a special time of year, it definitely needs it’s own music!

  1. Paige Strand

    Admittedly, I don’t remember any of the words to the holiday classics we sang as kids (I’m in my 20s). Vancouver is very holiday-oriented, but in a general way if that makes sense. Not many events are directed at xmas here, more so “winter holidays.” I think that might be why I don’t remember?

  2. Post author

    Paige, if you remember the tune, you are good to go! Once you start playing the music to little one’s, you will have a crash-course in the words! December is summer time in South Africa and we are most heading towards the coastal areas. I can not wait to go!

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