The Content Marketing for Bloggers Group Board is aimed at providing Bloggers with a go-to-source on Pinterest offering all the available paid and free:

  • content upgrades/opt-ins
  • courses
  • E-books
  • Lead magnets
  • Infographics
  • Blogging related services.
Content Marketing Group Board screen shot 2 Pinterest Group Boards

The Benefit of Pinterest Group Boards:

  1. Increased visual exposure 
  2. Increased repins
  3. Increased followers
  4. Increased popularity
  5. Increased activity level

To be added to the Content Marketing for Bloggers Group Board, you need to:-

Board Rules:

  • Please do not add the same pin more than once a week
  • Repin someone else's pin from the Group Board to ensure maximum exposure
  • Multiple pins from the same post are allowed
  • The board admin reserves the right to delete inappropriate and irrelevant pins

Please come back and share your success stories with us of how your pins impacted your business (that is what your blog is, right?)! 

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