Join us for special inspiration for your next baby shower with out mint and white color palette.  Although it was for her third baby, it was everything the mommy wanted and dreamed about!

When my daughter Marilise discovered that she is expecting her third child in four years, she shared this message with us:

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Maybe you experienced something similar or fell pregnant 'too soon' or 'just not at the right time'.  

Life happens to us...

The greatest miracle to me is a newborn baby.

(If they are related, of course, they are the cutest and prettiest too!!)  

You feel the same?

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On July, 14th 2016 we met Jacques Louis and he was all we expected him to be - a boundle of joy!

Babies are expensive and you may agree that whatever the gift, it is at least something the new parents would not need to buy.

​To save on expenses to be able to spend more on gifts, we hosted the shower at my eldest's home.

It struck me that the most amazing thing about baby showers are that:

  • Women care about each other;
  • They give because they know how much a new baby needs (and do they GIVE!!);
  • The mommies relive their own babies' births and share very detailed information about it!
  • Some wish they can have a baby;
  • Others plan to have;
  • The rest are either to young or to old to have babies;
  • Most are feeling sorry for the new mom for the discomfort and anticipated delivery but
  • Everyone is having a ball!

What is a party without food?

As the party was held in the morning, we served quiche with salad and sweet little delicacies, just to add the 'feminine' touch!

Keeping your guest interested

We asked each lady to complete a 'Predictions and Advice' message for the mommy and her baby.  Download your free template here.

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Tips on hosting a baby shower

If you are planning a Baby Shower, remember the following:

  • List the size of the clothing as well as the appropriate season, i.e. 0 - 3 months (winter) in the invitation.
  • Add diapers to the list!
  • Toiletries and medicine are expensive and lots of it will be needed, so add it too.
  • If you'd rather spoil the mommy, buy her a dark colored towel or new pj's.
  • A themed party is always easier as you will have a central idea (elephants) and color to stick to.
  • Rather buy a book than a soft toy.
  • If it is a family affair, arrange a Diaper party for the men.
  • Place a chair next to the mommy and ask each guest to sit next to her when her gift is opened. Take photos and you will not forget who gave what afterwards!  It also involves your guests and makes them feel special.

Party favors

What will a party be without something to give away?

The ladies loved the succulents prepared for them with a little 'Thank you' attached to it!

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It was a blessed morning and most of the ladies stayed long after lunch.

​When woman support each other, incredible things happen.

Baby shower gift ideas

We have created some gifts for baby showers in previous posts and it may just be what you were looking for:

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Do you have some special tips and ideas to share? Please comment below.

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