When my friends started expressing their ‘readiness’ to become grandma’s, I just said – It will come in its time…not really comprehending the effect of grandparenthood, neither anticipating the big chunk of LOVE these tiny humans would literally eat of of my heart!  Had I only known then that I was to become the first grandma in our circle of friends and that becoming that, has given this grandma a second change on life.


10 Things I have learned since becoming a grandma?


  1. There is no love greater.
  2. There is nothing that compares to the smell of a baby.
  3. Nothing is more perfect.
  4. No music compares to a little one’s laugh or calling of my name.
  5. There is nothing softer to kiss than a baby’s cheek or neck.
  6. Arms around my neck, feels like a safe haven.
  7. I would do everything to protect them.
  8. Nothing makes me more pride, than to be part of their lives.
  9. A little hand in mine, makes me pray.
  10. Those eyes makes me see everything for the first time….

I have been offered a second change of life….

Grandma Lifes second change Grandchildren....lifes second change!




















Are you a Grandparent?  Does the word mean something different to you now that you are one too? Have you totally gone nuts, pulling faces, singing songs, been full of cookies, milk and some other stuff that gets harder by time…..Please share your special moments with us below.




Ek is seker jy kan dan identifiseer met hoe daardie klein wonderwerkie jou laat voel het met jul eerste ontmoeting!  Dis die beste ding wat met my kon gebeur het en ek is seker jy voel dieselfde!!  Voel vry om jou spesiale oomblikke met hulle hieronder te deel!


Wonders van n kleinkind 315x500 Grandchildren....lifes second change!

Om n ouma te word is soos  375x500 Grandchildren....lifes second change!


pixel Grandchildren....lifes second change!