In the second part of our Christmas Gift Ideas round-up, we have sought some of the best coffee and tea lovers ideas:-

Christmas Gift Ideas – Decorated Mugs

The next best things since coffee (and tea) is, of course, Sharpie pens.  The dullest mug is turned into a piece of art once decorated.  Decorated mugs are a very easy and more personal gift option.  The cup or mug may be filled with candy or chocolates, cappuccino sachets, tea bags, coloured sugar, a nice spoon and even a packet of special cookies.

Christmas Gift Ideas 2 725x1024 Christmas Gift Ideas   Decorated Mugs (Part 2)

    1. A Sharpie tutorial with some free printables is first price at
    2. A full tutorial is offered in the following post Amy used her Silhouette cutting machine – hmmm makes me want to dust mine for a change and attempt this super fun craft.
    3. The next blog is not up and running anymore (though there is a link to her Instagram portfolio), but the mugs were so beautifully Sharpied, that I just had to include it – if you are like me, the picture will be enough to have the creative juices flowing – enjoy –
    4. Have you ever heard of “Mood” cups?  What a lovely idea.  If I choose to make these for my friends, I might have to give more than one!!  The blog is French but with Google Translate or a bit of imagination, the tutorial is self-explanatory.  The pens used here are Chalk pens and some porcelain paint for the bottom.  I am sure the Sharpie could also do the trick.  See this lovely option at
    5. If you are not quite the crafty queen bee but still love personalised mugs, you can find a few options available in this Etsy shop –  The artist must know the effect of coffee deprivation!Christmas Gift Ideas 1 Christmas Gift Ideas   Decorated Mugs (Part 2)
    6. Another very interesting technique is a watercolor decorated or marbled mug.  Wow, there is a full tutorial and I am sure you can even call in the little ones for some fun! Check these out at and Beware that the cups may not be microwaved or put in the dishwasher.  The effect is stunning, though.
    7. Hand-warming mugs with little hands imprinted on the mugs – I would rather call these Heart-warming mugs, especially if one of my grandkids ‘made’ it! This is adorable.
    8. The list will not be complete without chalk painted mugs.  With a tutorial, you will not have an excuse not to try these winners –
    9. You want a glitter mug or have a glitzy friend who will appreciate one – check out this lovely tutorial –
    10. Even more fun is a method with glitter vinyl – yeah uhh I get to use my Silhouette again. The tutorial used a Cricut, but that will not be any problem for all you creative ladies (and gents) out there, with or without any cutting machine! Gift Ideas 3 752x1024 Christmas Gift Ideas   Decorated Mugs (Part 2)
    11. Just when I thought my list covers all the types of techniques to jazz up some mugs, I stumbled upon some very awesome pins – to add some bling to our collection here is a tutorial with some gold spray paint at  A little note of caution is that the mugs are definitely also only hand washable.
    12. Off course, I skipped Permanent markers as an option and you might be bowled over by this wonderful stenciled mug and the effect it created –  Whilst on that blog, you can check out the washable stenciled numbered mug as well using Gloss enamels.
    13. All Silhouette enthusiasts, Vana Chupp made a vinyl decal and attached it to a mug as a father’s day gift.  She offers a full tutorial on how to remove the backing of the decal and to seal the ‘sticker’.  This is an easily adaptable idea to apply for Christmas –
    14. Amber at Living your Creative changed her scope to use a black mug and some oil-based Sharpies.  The reason being, that apparently the black Sharpie might fade and is not too dishwasher safe.  I like what she created here –
    15. Stacey at Glued to my Crafts made monogrammed mugs and beautifully dotted it – she makes it look so easy – yip, you guessed right, another child-friendly or granny-keeping-busy-craft.  Check her out at

Christmas Gift Ideas 4 725x1024 Christmas Gift Ideas   Decorated Mugs (Part 2)




pixel Christmas Gift Ideas   Decorated Mugs (Part 2)