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Overwhelmed by Pinterest?Do you have a few followers, followed them back and now your family’s and friend’s resources are depleted?You have been building Pinterest but your account is stagnant and you do not get lots of traffic to your blog like other bloggers?My Pinterest JourneyI have been a Pinterest user, since 2011 and according to my Klout score, I am a Pinterest expert.  I am just sharing the information with you to proof that I have spent a lot of… Read more »

The Content Marketing for Bloggers Group Board is aimed at providing Bloggers with a go-to-source on Pinterest offering all the available paid and free: content upgrades/opt-inscourses E-books Lead magnets InfographicsBlogging related services. The Benefit of Pinterest Group Boards:Increased visual exposure Increased repinsIncreased followersIncreased popularityIncreased activity levelTo be added to the Content Marketing for Bloggers Group Board, you need to:-Follow my Pinterest profile and Paste your Pinterest URL in the comments below ​Board Rules:Please do not add the same pin more than… Read more »

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