How to create a 'Tribe' in Tailwind to maximise your reach - click for full tutorial

“Join forces with your peers to share content and maximise your reach!”That is the new capability called ‘TRIBE’ in the Tailwind App. ​Similar to Facebook groups, where group members can share certain threads, tribe allows Tailwind subscribers to:Create multiple TRIBES;Invite tribe members (members do not have to be Tailwind subscribers!!!) via Facebook or email; Complete an ‘About this tribe’ description; Set out the Rules of the Tribe; Allow new Tribe members to ‘Share (pins) to the tribe’; Add your pins… Read more »

New at Pinterest? Not gaining any more followers? Learn how to gain more Pinterest followers at

Overwhelmed by Pinterest?Do you have a few followers, followed them back and now your family’s and friend’s resources are depleted?You have been building Pinterest but your account is stagnant and you do not get lots of traffic to your blog like other bloggers?My Pinterest JourneyI have been a Pinterest user, since 2011 and according to my Klout score, I am a Pinterest expert.  I am just sharing the information with you to proof that I have spent a lot of… Read more »

We sometimes get so engrossed in our own lives, that we tend to forget that others are not busy with the same stuff as us….like Pinterest.  I was amazed at the response I received from my post last week – 3 Pinterest tools that will rock your profile.  I learned that even bloggers are new to Pinterest!That is not a bad thing, it means that I have the opportunity to teach you something new ever so often, and that I… Read more »

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