Christmas Countdown at the time I started this post earlier today: 38 DAYS 12 HOURS 26 MINUTES 10 SECONDS For your own Customized countdown, go to this link – Back to Gift Ideas Crocheted and Knitted Christmas Gift Ideas This is part 4 of the series on easy and affordable gifts to make for friends, family, neighbours and teachers.  In the first of the roundup, we sought some Gifts in a Jar ideas, in Part 2 the Coffee and Tea Lovers will… Read more »

Today we are expanding on more options for DIY cheap and easy Christmas Gift Ideas.  As I explained in Part 1 of this round-up, I am busy searching the perfect gift idea to make for my friends for our annual Christmas party and discovered different Gift in a Jar presents.  In Part 2 of the series, decorated mugs were discussed for the coffee and tea lover friends. Maybe you are looking to make something for friends, neighbors or family members too. The fact… Read more »

Christmas is officially less than 10 weeks away! Scheduled for 1st December, the Cake Club, will host its annual Christmas Exchange Party again! Let me explain….I have a unique circle of friends like you probably do too….we are a blend of younger and, of course, more mature woman.  We share the same interests, friends, joys, fears and town. The members of the Cake Club are very crafty and talented woman and are always up for a challenge.  We started with a… Read more »

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