I did not exactly fix or build anything…. It was a team effort.  When we arrived home, I was escorted into my craft room.  He pinned the applique to the beret and helped with winding the bobbin. He was literally peeping over my shoulder in anticipation of the end result….I stopped a few times to rewire the machine as the embroidery floss split.  If I complained about an out-of-line stitch, he just affirmed that it will be his mark of recognition…. Read more »

Myths Mother in law

I will be married 32 years in March 2017 and my mother-in-law still does not feel like a ‘mother’ to me….She is a self-centered and difficult woman. Period.  That is about the only truth in this rant of mine! I must admit, many of the feelings that I experience when I think or talk about her, are my own inability to love her the way I love my own mum. Unfortunately, I rubbed the mother-in-law love-hate relationship off on my… Read more »

A family dish - mutton chops and crispy potato - read more about this South African treat at www.easyonthetongue.com

#1 Family Dish October BlogHer’s theme for the NaBloPoMo participation is DISH.  The first topic of the month is to Tell you about our most beloved family dish. NaBloPoMo – 1st October 2015 We are a traditional South African family.  That means that food and meal times are very important and that we spend most of our get-togethers with friends and family…eating (and drinking, if you want). A typical Sunday routine were: Getting up Going to church Arriving home all… Read more »

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