What my grandchildren have taught me about life. You might want to read this, to prepare you for grandparenthood! More at www.easyonthetongue.com

I arrived at work the other day and was greeted by my boss:”Your shoulder is full of snot!””Grandchild?”​Oops…I said and nonchalantly wiped it off.Before I became a grandmother, I would have died of shame!​ I was totaly unprepared for my new role as – GRANDMA.But, from the first moment I laid eyes on them, I was a changed person. Ta-da.Grandma in overdrive!What possibly struck me most, was the intensity of the feelings I had for these little miracles. So pure and so perfect.Blessed… Read more »

When I received this quote from Ruth Soukup, I just felt the urge the share it! Grace can be many things: It can mean you are stylish, have elegance, poise or charm. It stands for good manners, politeness and respect. You can bring favor or honor with your presence. The biggest gift we have received by grace is the Love of God. Grace can therefore only be positive and it brings light in the presence of others. Excuses are: Lame. Mean. Uncalled for…. Read more »

​Sometimes, actions speak louder than words.​But, not all of us are equally able to express our innermost feelings in words…and because I share your predicament, I have prepared the following cute quotes:-Feel free to download (right click and ‘save image as’), share on social media or use these in any way you want – please just do not sell it without sharing! Remember to share the love with those who are lonely too – they are sometimes more in need… Read more »

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