When my friends started expressing their ‘readiness’ to become grandma’s, I just said – It will come in its time…not really comprehending the effect of grandparenthood, neither anticipating the big chunk of LOVE these tiny humans would literally eat of of my heart!  Had I only known then that I was to become the first grandma in our circle of friends and that becoming that, has given this grandma a second change on life.   10 Things I have learned… Read more »

Every new and perfect gift is from above - more inspiration at www.easyonthetongue.com

Inspiration of the dayWow – what a blessing to know that we are not perfect, nor can we create anything to perfection…what a relief. I have spent many many hours trying to figure out the do’s and dont’s of blogging…the perfect way to write a post or to design a striking graphic. I read a valuable post the other day (more about that later), trying to persuade the careful (like me) to go ahead and do it!! Are you experiencing… Read more »

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