Feeling ashamed - How to use Grammarly to do your language checks - learn more at www.easyonthetongue.com

Confession time:”I must use spell check at least 634 times a DAY. No joke. I don’t know what the hell I would do without that shit!”These were the words of a collaborator in one of my Facebook groups! She invited the rest of the members to admit their ‘dirty little not very entrepreneurial secrets’ and guess what?​  She was not alone….Want to hear my confession?…….(drum roll)…..English is not my home language.Do not know “loose” from “lose” or have other grammatical secrets? Why… Read more »

There is nothing secretive about sharing fees for marketing a product or service:Lawyers do it by sharing fees (as regulated);Estate agents pay for information that leads to a sale;People in the travelling industry stand off referrals;​Sales people earn commission and you think it is ok;Businesses advertise products and prices and we accept it as part of commerce…Why do you then feel that Affiliate marketing may not help bloggers pay their bills?OR, you have heard of the term Affiliate marketing, but you are not… Read more »

1.  New Instagram FeedInstagram is changing.Why, How and What?According to Latergramme, Instagram announced that they would be replacing the current chronological feed with an algorithm that would order the posts based on your interests and relationships. Instagram calls it – See the moments you care about first.  Wait and see….is the motto of how this is going to be…..​2.  Recommended blog Three sisters are blogging about ideas they find on Pinterest, which they then recreate and finally share with their readers on ‘Made from… Read more »

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