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Are you a creative looking to make money on the side?orAre you a blogger who finally realized (like yours truly) that your blog is a business and you need to monetize ASAP?Whatever your reason, let’s dive into some Affiliate Do’s & Dont’s and get into the detail of companies you can work with and earn passive income:-​ Grab the free Affiliate & Income Tracker! ​Affiliate Do’s & Dont’s​Promoting the most appropriate product to your audience is key to being successful with affiliate… Read more »

Jewellery that will make you stand out in the crowd - read more at

Elegance is the only beauty that never fades….. Audrey Hepburn​​What is the last thing you put on after you have dressed up?Jewellery of course and let’s be honest it makes the world of a difference to one’s total look!If you are a bit like me, by the time I realise that my earrings are not matching, my time has run out!Sometimes, the smile helps to get me through the day but often, the final touches are the confidence makers.Whether you want… Read more »

Feeling ashamed - How to use Grammarly to do your language checks - learn more at

Confession time:”I must use spell check at least 634 times a DAY. No joke. I don’t know what the hell I would do without that shit!”These were the words of a collaborator in one of my Facebook groups! She invited the rest of the members to admit their ‘dirty little not very entrepreneurial secrets’ and guess what?​  She was not alone….Want to hear my confession?…….(drum roll)…..English is not my home language.Do not know “loose” from “lose” or have other grammatical secrets? Why… Read more »

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