​Despite good intentions and all the efforts, one invests in taking a good photo; some images just turn out bad. It is a tricky situation, especially if the photos are required for business promotion or have emotional value and have to be preserved or used on social media.​I definitely struggle to have my photo’s look professional and ‘perfect’ and sometimes just want a quick fix.Our guest blogger is someone who knows how to solve almost all photographic issues – welcome… Read more »

How to start a blog - 30+ Free & Paid Courses for Bloggers Get the full list at www.easyonthetongue.com

​I have started as a total newbie blogger, not even knowing the full meaning of a post or widget!  To say that I have traveled around the world and back, searching for ‘how-to’s’ and ‘buy this’, totally overwhelmed me at some stage.  Finding information was great, but having to pay for it every single time, was just not possible.Luckily, we are all starting more or less in the same boat.  The trick is to know where to go for help (from other… Read more »

There is nothing secretive about sharing fees for marketing a product or service:Lawyers do it by sharing fees (as regulated);Estate agents pay for information that leads to a sale;People in the travelling industry stand off referrals;​Sales people earn commission and you think it is ok;Businesses advertise products and prices and we accept it as part of commerce…Why do you then feel that Affiliate marketing may not help bloggers pay their bills?OR, you have heard of the term Affiliate marketing, but you are not… Read more »

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