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Are you a creative looking to make money on the side?orAre you a blogger who finally realized (like yours truly) that your blog is a business and you need to monetize ASAP?Whatever your reason, let’s dive into some Affiliate Do’s & Dont’s and get into the detail of companies you can work with and earn passive income:-​ Grab the free Affiliate & Income Tracker! ​Affiliate Do’s & Dont’s​Promoting the most appropriate product to your audience is key to being successful with affiliate… Read more »

​Despite good intentions and all the efforts, one invests in taking a good photo; some images just turn out bad. It is a tricky situation, especially if the photos are required for business promotion or have emotional value and have to be preserved or used on social media.​I definitely struggle to have my photo’s look professional and ‘perfect’ and sometimes just want a quick fix.Our guest blogger is someone who knows how to solve almost all photographic issues – welcome… Read more »

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​This page contains affiliate links which means I may earn a commission if you use them. I only recommend tools that I use and trust.​Every day, I get into my capsule, talk a foreign language and is lift off into a world of beautifully created, perfect pictures, the most eloquent writing and crates full of cyber money to be made – Enter blog-land!!!I escape every free second of the day, whispering soft messages in the ear of social media, attending a teaching… Read more »

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