Christmas is officially less than 10 weeks away!

Scheduled for 1st December, the Cake Club, will host its annual Christmas Exchange Party again! Let me explain….I have a unique circle of friends like you probably do too….we are a blend of younger and, of course, more mature woman.  We share the same interests, friends, joys, fears and town.

The members of the Cake Club are very crafty and talented woman and are always up for a challenge.  We started with a Christmas Exchange Party last year:  the requirements were that all gifts should be handmade with love.

Christmas Gift Ideas Best Christmas Gift Ideas

The ladies out-smarted themselves, as can be seen in the photo above.  Karen, ever so practical, made kitchen towels to hang on the stove, Elna knitted/crocheted and hand-embroidered pot holders.  Teresa bottled her famous noodle salad, whilst Jorietha spoiled us with Xmas cakes!  Magdel, (no truer than true) chose quotes and decoupaged coasters with it.  Arina, specialist of the loveliest-wrapped gifts ever, baked us cookies.  Debrie, the newest member on the blog, presented us with a homemade (remember) foot scrub – #1!  Lovely Louise with the contagious giggle, decided that a chocolate spoon with some treats will be something the rest of us, will favour.  Lizelle, the artist with long curly, unruly hair, potted succulents and last but not least yours truly machine embroidered monograms on soft lace to cover hangers.

On a quest to choose a unique friends gift this year, I resorted to my best friend, Pinterest again.  Here are some of the Best Christmas Gift Ideas, finds for you:

Handmade Gifts for Friends

Let’s define handmade first – this will include anything that is not simply bought and wrapped – there must be some effort and creativity involved!

4 Best Girly Gift Ideas in a jar 768x1024 Best Christmas Gift Ideas

Best Girly Gifts Ideas in a Jar

The ingredients can be coupled with a specific theme or fragrance (I loveeee lavender), eg:-

1.   A bath pampering/Spa jar with:-

Check out This site offers printable labels at affordable prices too,

Pampering in the bath 11 268x500 Best Christmas Gift IdeasPampering in the bath 21 276x500 Best Christmas Gift Ideas

2.   A nail pampering jar with:-

See more at


3.   A Candle jar with:-

4 Best Candle Gift Ideas in a jar 768x1024 Best Christmas Gift Ideas

4.   Sewing kit jar with:-

  • Small scissor
  • Variety of needles
  • Safety pins and pins
  • Pin cushion – to be covered in a next round up!
  • Cotton yarn
  • Neutral coloured buttons in different sizes
  • Small pieces of fabric
  • Measuring tape for the unforeseen!

Find inspiration at

Be sure not to miss the follow-up on the Best Gift Ideas later this week!  If you subscribe to the blog, you will not miss one single post.

This is hands-down the best time in the year – all the preperation and ideas for Christmas makes me so excited.  Soon, we will hear Jingle Bells in the shops too!

pixel Best Christmas Gift Ideas

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