It’s Friday = weekend is here! I don’t know about you, but most planning in our home revolves around:  ‘What are we doing the weekend?”  It is either a trip to one of our daughters living in two opposite directions of the country (the third, thank goodness, just around the corner) or some form of entertainment which include friends and family.  Now that our nest is empty, we are also allowed the luxury of being coach potatoes and doing kind-of-nothing!… Read more »

Can you knit?  Can that change a person’s life?  Can you knit out a Guinness Word Record? Have you also experienced that the same people organize the events in town; do all the charitable work and you can rely on them at church and school functions?  They support where they can and seldom  accept any returns or credit.  They do it for the love of the cause and because they feel compelled to. It is something similar to what we… Read more »

When my friends started expressing their ‘readiness’ to become grandma’s, I just said – It will come in its time…not really comprehending the effect of grandparenthood, neither anticipating the big chunk of LOVE these tiny humans would literally eat of of my heart!  Had I only known then that I was to become the first grandma in our circle of friends and that becoming that, has given this grandma a second change on life.   10 Things I have learned… Read more »

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